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Emergency Procedures






It is recommended for CB, channel 15, or for PRS, either an operating repeater channel or channel 11 be used, but a station in distress may use any channel or means at its disposal to attract attention. As soon as practicable and/or possible, stations should move to a general channel to continue working the emergency.

No station should break in on an emergency unless requested to do so. The station controlling the emergency, will request assistance, if or when necessary. At no time should a station break in and take control as this can often cause loss of time in obtaining the required assistance. Stay on the side, in case, if for any reason, assistance is requested.

During skip conditions and channels are full, those involved in an emergency must be given full and free use of the channel. If you are requested to vacate a channel so an emergency may be worked, please do so, lives may be at risk.  One day it could be yours.

If an emergency is being worked on a calling or repeater channel, do not call on that channel, nor tell them to move, you may wipe out crucial emergency messages.

Once the emergency has been concluded always notify other operators of that fact.





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