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Licence Information




A reminder to ALL New Zealand Operators.

There is a licence for the operation of both CB and PRS service; a General Licence.

The Terms, Conditions and Restrictions of that licence are: Installation, Operation and Use, by persons in New Zealand, for the purpose of communication with one another over short distances, for the transmission and reception of radio frequencies 26.300 to 26.800 MHz for CB and for PRS on frequencies 476.400 to 477.425. Each licence applies only to apparatus that
complies with technical specification RFS 23 for CB and technical specification RFS 39 for PRS.

A list of approved sets for each service can be obtained at local RFS offices.

On each service, operators must clearly identify their transmissions. Each service has a maximum power output.  Voice telephony only, is permitted. Where there are PRS repeaters, PRS operators must not use the repeated input frequency except for the purpose of operating through the repeater. All transmission through a repeater must be kept short

If you use a set not approved for use for the service it is being used on, or illegal equipment is attached to the transmitting apparatus, play music, etc., or the set exceeds the maximum allowable power output, then you are operating without a licence and can be prosecuted.

In case some persons are not sure of the maximum allowable power output:

For CB it is 4 watts AM, 12 watts Peak Envelope Power (PEP)

For PRS it is 5 watts carrier power with 21 watts I.E.R.P.



The use of illegal equipment such as power mikes, linears, or signal amplifiers are NOT permitted on Citizen Radio Service.

Because the Citizen Radio Service is essentially for short range communication. Remote controlling of Citizen radio apparatus is not permitted.

The use of power in excess of that authorised under the technical Specification RFS 23 for CB and RFS39 for PRS invalidates the General Licence.

Any of the foregoing illegal equipment, exposes the operator to prosecution for operating without a licence.

Every person who operates apparatus not approved for the service on which it will be used, is operating WITHOUT a licence and is liable, on summary conviction to a fine not to exceed, in the case of an individual $30,000 or, in the case of a business $200,000. Further, the court may also order the apparatus be forfeited.


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Last updated: 16th January 2008