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Operators Code





1. C. Operators are CONSIDERATE to other users of the service. Encouraging new comers and concerned that a high standard is maintained.

2. B. Operators appreciate the BENEFITS the service gives to Clubs, Groups, and Community from a reliable short Range communication system.

3. R. Operators RESPECTS the Rules and Regulations that provide equality of use of the available channels.

4. A. Operators are ACTIVE in promoting good radio practice and the need for good public relations at a Local and National level.

5. N. Operators are NON-PARTISAN in their use of the Service and are impartial, equitable, fair and just in making their equipment and expertise available for use by needy groups.

6. Z. Operators has ZEAL in their use of the Service, showing devotion, passion and vigour in pursuit of improvements and perfection to their station, both base and mobile.


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Last updated: 16th January 2008