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What Is C.B.R.A.N.Z.




CBRANZ is an Incorporated Society formed May1977 by concerned individuals to present and discuss problems and improvements with the Controlling Authority. Objects of the Association have remained unchanged. These being:-

a.     To promote and encourage the legitimate and responsible use of Citizen Radio Service in New Zealand.

b.    To assist and liaise with the appropriate authorities in relation to the operation of Citizen Radio Service in New Zealand.

c.    To keep the membership advised of the business of the Association.

During 1977 clubs were encouraged to join the membership so as to takeover control. The first officers and committee were individuals but at the first AGM 1978 the Council of Management were drawn from affiliated clubs. Only affiliated clubs could be CBRANZ members, and only they, through their appointed delegates, held speaking and voting rights. 1980 saw clubs numbers throughout the country quietly declining. With club numbers down, CBRANZ membership and finances were effected.

1980 June. Individual membership allowed but no speaking or voting rights, nor were they allowed to stand for Council.

1986 Individual members given voting and speaking rights, also could be nominated for Council.

1996 Conference Hosting done up to now by clubs, Individuals could now apply.

1999 CBRANZ puts Web site on the Internet

 Since 1977 CBRANZ has been instrumental in obtaining the following.

1978 Increase of channels from 7 channels to 11 general and 3 reserved, increase in power from watts to 2 watts.

1988 July. 40 channel, 4 watt sets allowed together with SSB at 12 Watts PEP. October any type of antenna allowed. Submissions and discussions on the Radiocommunication Act which included big increases of penalties. Channel 15 designated for Calling and Emergency

1989 Radiocommunication Act becomes law. Tendering of Frequencies. Written and verbal submission for CB frequencies to be withdrawn from tender document. Successful

1991 PIB3 Citizen Radio Service Booklet discussed re amendments. Majority of things obtained, including an undertaking to forward one to every registered operator.

1992 Discussions held on license fees and the set license, submission forwarded.

1993 License fees wiped, General License (expires 31-01-99) introduced, licensing the operator instead of the set. Submission forwarded for UHF CB in addition to HF CB

1994 PRS (UHF CB) granted, also repeaters allowed.

1998 Submissions to have PRS and CB General license renewed

1999 Both General licenses rolled over till 31-01-2004


This book originally called the National Call List. It contained operators callsign and details, clubs, club nets, relevant parts of the Radio Regulations, etc.

1972 Alan CH 97 started contacting operators for entries.

1974 First copy released

1977 First issue produced by CBRANZ, CH 97 still owner

1978 CH97 presents ownership of book to CBRANZ.

1998 Book becomes National Call & Reference Book.

Today it contains up to date Radio Regulations, General License, the Terms, Conditions, and Restrictions, allowable power etc. channels and frequencies of both CB and PRS, also channels for PRS Repeater use, history of Citizen Radio Service and CBRANZ, general operation and distress operation, RFS field officers, apparatus interference to other users, and other material operators may find useful as well as listing Individual members, clubs and operators in their sections and call areas.

Entry into the book is voluntary, no names or details go in without the permission of the person concerned. It is free entry into the book, if a book is purchased, otherwise it is $NZ3.00. So that the book is kept up to date, all entries are deleted after appearing in 3 issues unless a further book is purchased or the fee paid giving a further 3 issue entries. Cost of the Book is $NZ10.00 per copy. Postage within New Zealand free, overseas $NZ5.00 Entries close 1 September each year. Book is dispatched November.


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